Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pattern- Norse design of a horse head

Carving Instruction

Relief carved panel Norse design (not for sale)
Students that wish to learn carving skills, classes are offer for a fee, either as a group or on a one to one basis. The intruction of sharping woodcarving chisels, instruction in pattern transfer, woods and grains, and carving instruction are all available. Contact by email: charlescaspersen@yahoo.com I will get back to you with an email
Panel Carving (not for sale)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Norse and Custom Design Blog Site Number 2

This site is dedicated for custom designs that are designed by Lord Kasper and his students to post under the direction of Lord Kasper. This site, may have photos of student's work, however must be approved by Lord Kasper for posting.
All designs and photos are subject to approval before listing on his blogsite.
Photos from Lord Kasper and students on this site, may have items here listed for sale from time to time. To purchase these products, please forward an email to Lord Kasper at charlescaspersen@yahoo.com, for further instructions on purchasing products from this site.
Stay tuned to this site for updates and drawings.